Saving For College? 5 Reasons To Meet With A Financial Consultant

Paying for college is a big expense for any family, and most are left on their own to figure out how to do this. But by engaging with professionals in this endeavor, you help ensure the most success possible. One financial pro that should be on your college prep team is a financial consultant. Here are a few ways they can help both you and your future student. 1. To Find the Best Savings Strategy [Read More]

Steps to Prepare Tax Returns for a Deceased Loved One

When a loved one passes away, a number of tasks must be completed by their executor or personal representative. One of these involves the preparation and filing of a final tax return. If you are charged with this unpleasant job, what steps should you follow? Here are a few things to do to reach the best conclusion with the least amount of worry. 1. Look at Prior Tax Returns If you have access to the deceased taxpayer's prior year returns, these can give you a great deal of useful information to complete the current one(s). [Read More]